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APPALACHIAN BOW KNIFE This is the ORIGINAL unique bow saw has its origins in the Appalachians. Mountain people used various "Bows" to make a variety of knives, saws and other useful tools. This is simply an amazing bow saw. It will cut bread better than any conventional bread knife on the market. Hot bread, crusty French, tough bagels, and mushy sourdough can be cut with ease. In addition, this knife can be used for vegetables, fruits and cheeses. After using the knife, simply wipe the blade clean. The blade, made from high carbon steel, is a scalloped design that is double beveled. The blade is extremely thin, which is part of the reason it cuts so well. The strength of the blade is a result of the tension applied to the blade when it is mounted on the wood bow saw. The back of the bow has about a quarter of an inch bow in it. This bow effect gives the blade a spring steel feel. Because the blades are made for commercial use, they have a very long life. The blades should last at least two hundred hours of bread cutting before becoming dull. Besides being a very functional kitchen utensil, they are very attractive. Each bow saw is totally handcrafted from high quality straight-grained hardwood. We use a variety of domestic and imported woods. Each bow saw is hand sanded to a satin finish, then several layers of a tough, non-toxic finish are applied. Instructions for use and cleaning: Use this saw as you would use a saw for cutting wood. Saw the bread with a back and forth motion. Very little downward pressure is needed for a clean, precise cut. The blade is high carbon steel, which will rust if you don't wipe it dry after washing. We recommend an occasional coat of mineral oil on both the blade and wood handle. Do not put the bow saw in a dishwasher. A happy customer of ours gave us a wonderful endorsement recently. Quot; (This is the only bread knife that will cut my husbands terrible homemade bread.); APPALACHIAN BOW SAW:  CHERRY & PADAUK (An imported African hardwood that varies from bright orange to ruby red). $25.95. Please choose Wood Type. UNDER Submit a Review choose R/L Handed.Shipping & Handling:  2 or MORE SAWS $10.95 OK residents add 8% sales tax $ Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery, if needed sooner please indicate with your comments, at CONTACT US, OR HOME PAGE.
Shipping $8.75 for 1 & $10.95 for 2 or more
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